Back to The Event Organizing World

When I was in high school, I was involved in some event organizing activities. At one point, I was enjoying it. The rush, the tension, everything. But that was then. I left it and turned to video games, graphic design and anything that tickles my creative side. Now I’m an Art Director in the advertising industry. Every time my client wanting to have an event, I already have a partner to organize it. I never thought that I would ever have to come back into that world again. I mean like getting down and dirty again, so to speak.

There’s this gig coming up next week. It’s a beatbox battle to be exact. EX, a shopping mall, had an idea to make a championship and they want us, The Indonesian Beatboxing Community, to organize the event. Earlier, I helped making the early concept of the championship. But later on, I have to get down to think out most of the things. It was tough because my event organizing skills are rusted. It was frustrating.

Recently, it was confirmed that the gig got a green light from EX. It’s on the 12th this month. I just hope that all will go well.

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