Comfort of Gripping a Mouse

I’ve read quite a lot of in online forums where people asked which mouse is better. Sadly, there were no satisfying answers for such questions. The only valid answer I’ve seen suggests the inquirer  to go to a gaming gear store and try one out. I see that as a valid answer because no matter high the specs of a gaming mouse, people will always be critical about it’s comfort or ergonomic.

However, not everybody can have the luxury of going to a store and try a gaming mouse. They may not live near such store, or there is a store but they don’t have testing units on display. That’s why people ask in online forums, read review articles, or watch unboxing / review videos on YouTube. One thing that I see is that whenever people give out recommendations, they always refer to themselves.

Example :
“This mouse feels very nice in my hand. I have a normal sized hand.”

Normal sized hand? Compared to who? What style of grip are you using?

I’m sure you guys already familiar with grip styles. If not, then head on to this article at Yorku Plays Games! blog to see different styles of mouse grip and identify which one are you accustomed to.

As for hand size, I would like to suggest that we use the measurement at Handshoe Mouse website as a standard. I’ve done a screen shot and paste it below. Now grab a ruler and see which size category are your hands belong to.

So that’s about it. I hope this article can help you guys to discuss and recommend gaming mice to other people. :)

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