Razer Abyssus 3500 Review

I know… This review should be made before the SS D3M review… But I’m too lazy. Well, since I already sold the mouse, I might as well put the review online.

This is my review of the Razer Abyssus 3500 (regular edition). It will be subjective to my preferences but I will guarantee that this review is impartial. I did not receive any reward from Razer on making this review, but even if I do, I’d still make it impartial. At the end of this article, I will post a link to the whole photo gallery and a short video review that I’ve made.


The Razer Abyssus 3500 — lets call it RA35 for the rest of the review — came in a typical Razer packaging. Very simple, yet looks sophisticated, especially the gimmick part.

This is pretty much it, apart from the mouse itself.

They didn’t include any CD for drivers or software, but you can download it at http://www.razersupport.com (yep, not razerzone). But to be honest, you don’t need the driver for this mouse. Seriously.


The RA35 is a simple, or essential, gaming mouse. That means it only has 3 buttons: left, right, and scroll wheel button. If you’re a gamer that don’t use macros, this is already more than enough. It’s also ambidextrous, so it’s good if you use your left hand to operate a mouse. FYI, not all lefties accustomed to use computer mice with their left hand.

The mouse is all plastic and in black, except for the Razer logo on the back which is the only part that has illumination. The top part is made of soft touch / rubberised plastic, feels incredibly smooth to the hand. While the bottom part is made of glossy plastic, which is better for gripping in my opinion.

The size of the mouse is small, probably the same size as an SS Kinzu. Therefore, my hand tends to claw grip or finger-tip grip it when you play games. I prefer a palm grip mouse so I don’t feel comfortable using the RA35 for a long gaming session.

Size comparison to a Logitech generic / OEM mouse
And another size comparison

FYI, my hand is considered to be a medium sized hand according to this hand size reference.


The RA35 comes with two mechanical switches on the bottom of the mouse. The left one is the poll switch with two options: 125hz or 1000hz. The right one is the DPI switch with three options: 450dpi, 1800dpi, and 3500dpi. I like to leave it at 1000hz and 1800dpi since I play more RPG than FPS.

After a couple of months of using this mouse, I can say that the mouse feet is really good at helping the mouse glide smoother, although they are small ones. I’ve tested both on hard (Vespula) and cloth mousing surfaces. My experience with the Vespula is that it grinds the mouse feet quite roughly that it leaves small residue. I can’t see it but the mouse make a scratching feel and I have to clean it.

Clicking feels not too good at first. Sometimes the click doesn’t register, sometimes it made me do accidental double clicks. But after using it for some time, it felt better and great. I guess it’s like engine that needs a “break-in” usage before reaching the optimal performance. Honestly, it felt better than the SS D3M clicks.

The scroll wheel is not so good. On the positive side, it’s quite big, wide, rubber coated, and I can feel the steps very well when I scroll it. But it is very noisy when scrolled up and down. I hated the scroll wheel just because of that loud noise.


Basic gaming mouse (simple buttons layout), nice click feel to all the buttons, glides smoothly, best for claw grip or finger-tip grip, ambidextrous.

Uncomfortable for palm grip unless you have a small hand, mechanical switch on the bottom is cumbersome if you switch DPI a lot.

Click here for the whole photo galery

My verdict for the Razer Abyssus 3500 gaming mouse is
3 out of 5

Rating guide:
0 : Don’t even think about it.
1 : Waste of time and money.
2 : Flawed, could be better.
3 : Good, but there are more options out there.
4 : Great value.
5 : Must have!

All ratings are subjective. They may or may not be accurate to your preferences. However, the review is guaranteed to be impartial.

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