Ozone Ground Level L Review

This is my review of the Ozone Ground Level L mouse pad.


  • The unit in this review was not provided by Ozone or any store that sell their product. I did not receive any reward from Ozone on making this review.
  • The review will be subjective to my preferences but I will guarantee that this review is impartial.


The Ozone Ground Level L is a cloth mouse pad. The spec, according to Ozone’s website are rubberized base material for the best grip and a soft cloth surface for perfect glide. The mouse pad’s dimensions are 400 x 320 x 3 mm.


The real dimensions of the unit that I’m reviewing are 398 x 318 x 3 mm. The numbers may appear smaller but in reality, the surface is large enough for me to move my mouse around.

Since it’s quite thin, I can easily roll and stow it away in my messenger bag (an Everki Track) or my back pack (Djarum Super custom merchandise). However the thickness could not provide an enjoyable experience if put on top of an uneven surface, such as my bed mattress.

The surface is smooth but still gives a bit of restriction to the mouse movement. At first this is annoying to me, but after a while I’m getting used to have a bit of control over my mouse movement. I found it very useful when doing graphic design work while the mouse is set above 1000 dpi. I know… but sometimes I’m just too lazy to switch dpi.

The rubber base is okay. It can stick quite nicely on top of my wooden table, but it’s not as sticky as the one on the Razer Vespula. Well, unless you’re using your mouse in a brutal manner, then this is not a problem at all.


The Ozone Ground Level L is definitely worth it. It’s quite cheap compared to other surfaces on the market and it gets the job done. There are 4 sizes available: S, M, L and XT (extra thick, 6 mm thick).

Cheap price, available in different sizes, rubber base does not smell.

Not suitable for uneven surface.

Click here for the whole photo gallery.

My verdict for the Ozone Ground Level L mouse pad is
4 out of 5

Rating guide:
0 : Don’t even think about it.
1 : Waste of time and money.
2 : Flawed, could be better.
3 : Good, but there are more options out there.
4 : Great value.
5 : Must have!

All ratings are subjective. They may or may not be accurate to your preferences. However, the review is guaranteed to be impartial.

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