Puretrak Talent — review

This is my review of the Puretrak Talent mouse pad.


  • The unit in this review is a second hand item that I bought from someone at Liga Game, Indonesian online forum for gamers.
  • The review will be subjective to my preferences but I will guarantee that this review is impartial.


The Puretrak Talent came in a large aluminium tube. Although I can re-use this tube for whatever purpose in the future, it is quite cumbersome. However the packaging is pretty straight forward: logo, picture of product, specs.

I do like the design on the packaging, it’s like giving an intro (if you’d like to call it that way) about what the product should look and feel when I take it out of the tube. So before unboxing it, I can already feel what to expect.

What’s impressive about the specs for me are the size and it’s machine washable. Other claims from Puretrak that caught my attention are: perfect for low sensitivity players (like me), has thick rubber backing which helps when used on uneven surface, super smooth surface, and it is stain resistant.

So are the claims true or false? Read on to find out.


The real dimensions of the unit that I’m reviewing are 451.25 x 343 x 6 mm. Bummer! It’s smaller than what’s written on the tube. But does that make it unusable? No. It’s still within my preferred mouse pad size. I wonder if the previous owner ever tried to wash this pad but did it wrong so it shrunk. Hmm…

I also did a size and thickness comparison to my Ozone Ground Level L mouse pad. Check out the pictures below!

With it’s size and thickness, most of the times I used it in a vertical position so that some part of it falls down a bit from the ledge of my work desk. Thus the Talent can also function as a comfort pad for my wrist at work.


I didn’t know what the previous owner did to this mouse pad, when I pulled it out of the tube, it got a  thin layer of stain on it. Look at the picture below, it’s in the middle and spread a bit to the left. The colour is a little bit brown on the surface there. When I try to feel that part with my hand, the fabric also felt stiffer unlike the fabric outside of the stain area. It’s like dried out chocolate, coffee, or tea.

What I did is rinse the Talent on the sink, put a little bit of liquid hand soap on the part with the stain, and scrubbed it softly with my hand until the stain was gone. Then I put it flat to let it dry out naturally with an air fan to help it dry faster. It took 1 full day to dry the talent, mostly because of the thick rubber backing. But the stain was gone and I’m quite satisfied with the result.

Stain resistant : No, but you can clean the stain (unless it’s ink or something like that).
Machine washable : Haven’t tried it yet, but at least it is washable.


Super smooth surface is definitely a yes. Not as smooth as a hard mouse pad, but it’s smoother than the Ozone Ground Level L. However, the Talent is much easier to pick up sweat from your palm / wrist than the Ozone Ground Level L. So bear in mind that you may need to wash it more frequently.

Perfect for low sensitivity players? I think this is more of a personal preference thing. For me, however, I do enjoy the smoothness of the surface. It also helped me to improve my working speed during detailed graphic design work on Photoshop and Illustrator. FYI, for work I set my CPI to 400 and 800, with Windows’ mouse sensitivity property set to 6/11.

Can it accommodate uneven surface? To a certain extent, yes it can. However I did try using it on my spring bed, sometimes I still need to put a thick magazine below the Talent to help level the surface.


The Puretrak Talent has become my preferred mouse pad and I recommend it for anyone who like to use big cloth mouse pad but prefer a smoother feel to the surface.

BIG size, smooth surface, washable, thickness gave extra comfort on the wrist, helps on uneven surface, fair price.

Smaller dimensions than written on the packaging, heavy, caught sweat easily, cumbersome to carry in your bag.

Click here for the whole photo gallery.

My verdict for the Ozone Ground Level L mouse pad is
4 out of 5

Rating guide:
0 : Don’t even think about it.
1 : Waste of time and money.
2 : Flawed, could be better.
3 : Good, but there are more options out there.
4 : Great value.
5 : Must have!

All ratings are subjective. They may or may not be accurate to your preferences. However, the review is guaranteed to be impartial.

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