The Sorcery of Diablo 3

When most gaming websites are already talking about the effect of the latest patch update to the game, I on the other hand, have just finished the game last night. Yes, it took me that long to reach the end of the story and kill Diablo. I have to admit, the storyline is not that good compared to the 1st and the 2nd instalment of the game. I got a bit turned off by it actually. So there’s one of the reason why I played on and off over the past couple of months.

However every time I played the game, it’s really hard to stop. It’s not the loot, it’s not the satisfaction of being able to kill all those minions, no it’s definitely not. I think it’s the urge to satisfy my need to left no stone unturned. Obsessive compulsive? Whatever. I just loved it. That’s one standing applause from me to the guys at Blizzard who made the game.

Now usually, after I beat a game, I lost all desire to replay it. Even with a full equipments, all skills and enhancements from the point where I beat the game. I guess I’m just too lazy to run through it all again. But it didn’t happen with Diablo 3. Those monsters just became harder to kill, they hit harder, and I hate them even more. My character have to run around like crazy just to make it through the wave of monsters coming at me. What the hell??

I’ve got to hand it again to the guys at Blizzard for making a great formula to keep me playing the game. All right, so this game wants a piece of my character again, huh? Well consider challenge accepted. This weekend warrior will be back killing Diablo for the 2nd time!

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