Mic Penting Buat Perform

Untuk seorang beatboxer, mic yang bagus adalah hal yang esensial untuk bisa ngasih performance yang bagus di atas stage. Tapi karena beatboxing adalah hal yang relatif baru bagi dunia panggung hiburan di Indonesia, maka kita nggak bisa 100% yakin bahwa mic yang disediain udah sesuai dengan kriteria kita. Soundman yang punya jam terbang tinggi juga nggak akan bisa ngebantu kita untuk bisa tampil optimal kalau mic yang kita pake udah gak layak. Dari dua performance terakhir gw di panggung, gw dapat dua pengalaman yang berbeda, dan inilah yang akan gw share dengan kalian.

Di performance yang pertama, gw dapet mic yang bagus plus soundman yang jempolan. Cukup dengan usaha yang biasa aja, suara yang keluar bisa dahsyat banget. Bahkan tingkat kepedean gw juga ikut terdongkrak karenanya. Sedikit gangguan cuma terjadi waktu masuk sesi group performance. Gw rasa penyebabnya adalah terlalu banyak mic di satu panggung kecil, 6 mics dgn stage sekitar 5 x 2 meter. Menurut gw, sebuah group performance itu maksimal 4 performer, yang artinya ada 4 mic di atas stage. Kalau dibreak down, 3 mic untuk beatboxer dan 1 mic untuk MC / beatboxer.

Di performance yang kedua, panitia bilang udah nyiapin 6 mic di panggung. 3 mic udah dipegang sama dAzeez, BdaBX dan Jevin, sementara gw sama Yori agak sibuk nyari mic sisanya di panggung. Yori akhirnya dapet 1 mic bagus terakhir dan gw harus puas dengan mic yang dipake untuk perkusi. Hasilnya, sound gw paling ancur. Hehehe…

Dari pengalaman kedua, gw notice banget bahwa mic yang dipake sama teman2 gw semuanya mic untuk vokal. Sedangkan yang gw pake adalah…, well buat gw sih itu mic2an. :P Dari bentuknya aja udah beda. Permintaan gw untuk adjustment ke soundman nggak membuahkan hasil yang baik. Dan dengan sangat terpaksa, gw harus puas dengan performance yang jauh di bawah standar. Kecewa? Jelas, tapi the show must go on. :)

Lalu bagaimana menyiasati hal seperti ini? Ada 3 hal yang bisa dilakuin:
1. Minta mic yang benar ke panitia. Pasti ada panitia yang stand by dan bisa bantu kita.
2. Kalo gak ada, test semua mic yang tersisa dan pake yang suaranya paling bagus.
3. Bawa mic sendiri.

Cara ketiga sebetulnya adalah yang paling ideal. Masalahnya, harga mic yang bagus itu nggak murah. Bisa nyampe di kisaran 1 juta rupiah satunya. Jadi, menabunglah dan beli yang bagus sebagai investasi. Rawat baik2 dan bawa terus mic itu ke mana pun kita perform. Tinggal cabut kabel dan colokin punya kita.

Mic untuk vokal ada banyak merek dan tipenya. Misalnya dari brand Shure atau Audio Technica (contekannya). Gw pribadi masih prefer Shure SM58. Harganya relatif mahal, tapi hasilnya memuaskan buat gw.

OK, mudah2an artikel kali ini berguna buat teman2. Keep spittin those beat! :D

Back to The Event Organizing World

When I was in high school, I was involved in some event organizing activities. At one point, I was enjoying it. The rush, the tension, everything. But that was then. I left it and turned to video games, graphic design and anything that tickles my creative side. Now I’m an Art Director in the advertising industry. Every time my client wanting to have an event, I already have a partner to organize it. I never thought that I would ever have to come back into that world again. I mean like getting down and dirty again, so to speak.

There’s this gig coming up next week. It’s a beatbox battle to be exact. EX, a shopping mall, had an idea to make a championship and they want us, The Indonesian Beatboxing Community, to organize the event. Earlier, I helped making the early concept of the championship. But later on, I have to get down to think out most of the things. It was tough because my event organizing skills are rusted. It was frustrating.

Recently, it was confirmed that the gig got a green light from EX. It’s on the 12th this month. I just hope that all will go well.

Your Mic Stinks?


It’s normal if we really fond of a mic whatever the reason is. We could be so fond of it so either we’ll never use it or we use it all the time. Any of those actions can get your mic to be stink. It is caused by our own mouth but we don’t want that stink, would we? Here’s a rough tutorial that I’ve made about cleaning your mic out of smell.

1. Open the head of the mic.

Open the head

2. Remove the damper from inside the head.

The Cushion

3. Clean the smelly parts.

Clean these

4. Reassemble everything.

Put back

5. And you’re ready to beatbox again! :D

Good to go

Spread the beat, boys & girls!

Beatboxing Tool: The Mic

The first time I used a mic to beatbox was when Mando came to GoetheHaus, Jakarta. There was this small battle and I was in it. I noticed that Mando’s mic was easier to use than all the mics there. Then I noticed when Mando didn’t use his mic, his sound was just mediocre. So I thought that setting up the mic is a crucial thing in performing with a mic.

My dad happen to have a music studio at home. It’s a small studio but it has everything that a beatboxer needs. I looked for an unused spare mic and found an old Shure mic. I’m not sure what type it was but I was so eager to try it. So I pluged it in and spat a basic pattern. Whoa! My sounds were horrible. The mic was so sensitive that even the smallest breath of air that came out of my mouth was heard. I thought it was my amp setting. So I tried to tweak here and there but it’s not making my sound any better. Then I thought that it’s probably because I didn’t use a mixer or the mic itself was bad. This thing puzzled me for a while. Because when we did the interview at I-Radio, all my sounds were okay. But at the next event, which was the IBC’s gathering, I couldn’t come up with proper sounds, especially the classic snare (Pf).

Last weekend, I tried using the mic again at home. This time I used another mic which was much newer than the old Shure. I just turned on the amp and tried spitting a basic pattern and whoa! How come this time I sounded better? So I examined everything and found out about these:

1. Holding The Mic
Before, I was holding the mic in a way that made my mouth can’t be flexible. I found out that I have to make a bit more distance between the mic and my mouth. So what I did was putting my index finger up and press the joint to the side of my nose to make and keep the distance. I think this isn’t a general thing because it’s basically a tweak for myself.

2. A Complete Mic
The newer mic parts was still complete. I found out that what made my sound horrible on the old Shure was that mic no longer had a damper within the head piece. That is the soft foam thing that usually is within a microphone’s head or added on the outer part of the microphone’s head. So make sure your mic still have all the necessary part because it will have a great effect on your sounds.

3. Amplifier Setup

Gorboman's Amp Setup #3
Gorboman’s Amp Setup (details)

Sorry about the shaky picture. I didn’t use a proper camera. I put some simple graphics there to help you understand the picture. If you see the dials, I set my high frequency at about 3.5, my middle frequency at 5 (straight up), my low frequency at about 8 (straight to the right). I forgot about the next two dials, but they’re both set to 0 (zero, straight up). And the last dial is the gain / levels, which should be set just enough to hear your sounds perfectly without causing annoying feedback noise. The amp that I used got a phantom switch which amplifies the sound more. I prefer to switch this off since I’m in a small room.

Well, that’s about it. I hope this article can give a clearer picture on how to set up the mic before any beatboxing performance.

Spread the beat, boys & girls!